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Career Strategy

Together we make a plan which helps you achieve your goals. Based on your drivers, background and market trends, we establish a strategy on how to keep your work interesting for you and your competence relevant to the market. Your career strategy works as a frame in which we operate.

Human-oriented service: treating freelancers as colleagues.

Maintain a clear plan

Know and understand where you are and where you are heading. We help you get where you want.

Understand your capabilities

See how well you perform against the market and make adjustments to salary and/or your know-how.

Network and learn

Whether you are interested in learning about technologies from pioneers, sharing your findings with others or just connecting with like-minded people, we continuously arrange events where these connections are possible to make and introduce you with relevant people. As a member, you get the benefits and become part of a larger freelancer community. Our workshops and keynotes could be related to software development or how to be a successful entrepreneur. We arrange workshops and keynotes based on your interest where you can develop yourself as a Software Developer and an Entrepreneur.

Get to know the right people

We introduce you with like-minded people and relevant businesses

Learn the right stuff

We organise and enable educational workshops and events from Talent to Talents

Personal branding

How do you present yourself and your company? How people describe you when you're not in the room? Together, we can define the audience you want to address and improve the way you communicate and how you present yourself digitally. Some would like to do something else on top of coding, for example, public speaking, mentoring others that can also be parth of our objectives.

Increase your value

By maintaining active and exptert-like presence creates visibility and opportunities you otherwise wouldnt' get

Management service

All our members get the benefit of delegating contact requests for our agents to respond to, so our members can entirely focus on their current project. By us buffering all career-related communication we make sure our members are not interrupted and are discussing only on priority issues.

When you are in our network, you don’t need to worry about competing against others.

No distractions

Filter all un-necessary distractions

Grow your firm

We want to help your company grow by turnover and on a personal scale. If your goals are related to working with more significant clients or working abroad, then we help you to achieve your goals. Our team of recruiters can help you with hiring more people to your company. With us, you can confidentially discuss company practicalities.

Sparring partner for recruitment

Our recruiters can advise you with anything related to recruitment

Know who to hire

We can share our knowledge about how wanted a specific competence is within the market

Ready to roll?

We are happy to come over and discuss how we could fix your pain points. Our team consists of Recruiters, Developers, and Marketers.

Tentimes is the career partner for tech professionals
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